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Gifts and Merry Catmas

Today we received a box full of delicious-looking Cake or Jam. Thank you, queenofattolia!!! I have an order of English muffins which were just screaming for jam, so I know what I'm having for breakfast on Christmas morning.

The turkey is in the brine and there is a little sugar pumpkin boiling on the stove. I have some new recipes to try for tomorrow, including a pecan-blue-cheese change up for sweet potatoes and prosciutto with Brussels sprouts.

Heard from sillymagpie, so she lives, if congested and sleepy. Whew.

Someone posted a thank you for the goodies on my comments a few posts back, but didn't log in so it was anonymous and I don't know who to say "Merry Christmas and you're welcome!" to, and also to say I KNOW where the Cheech & Chong Christmas song (Santa Claus & His Old Lady) comes from originally (the Dr. Demento CD), but that's not where =I= got it... I think I may have downloaded it some years ago, pre-iTunes. In any case, I don't have it anymore.

Speaking of Christmas songs I do own now, I got the Neil Diamond Christmas album, figuring if I liked one Jew singing Christmas carols (Barry Manilow), I could try another; it's okay, as such things go, but includes the Adam Sandler Hanukkah song (which is the only funny thing Sandler ever did, IMHO), which is HILARIOUS sung by Neil Diamond.

I'm still trying to figure out why I got on board the Neil Gaiman wagon so late. The guy writes what I think, which is both deeply annoying and desperately attractive. He could have been my imaginary celebrity boyfriend if I'd found him before he got married.

The stores were busy today. Apparently we're not the only ones who forgot some things.


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Dec. 25th, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)
Hee! You're watching the man who was my celebrity boyfriend before he got married.

I listened to Chris Isaak's Christmas CD on the way up to RI. And my HP Lovecraft Christmas CD's - packed in a tentacle stocking! - are in the mail. :-)

Happy, happy! I have to say, one of the highlights of this year for me was getting to meet you and rahirah at last.
Dec. 25th, 2011 01:43 am (UTC)
Yes, I've weeded it down to only 9 episodes! (I did watch the Xmas e-mail edition from last night...)

I should get Chris Isaak's Christmas CD. My favorites are john Denver & The Muppets and "Bare Naked for the Holidays" (Bare Naked Ladies); but I love just about all holiday music. My only gripe in some of the ones I got for review was Charlie Daniels -- I mean, it's good enough, but it's too pedestrian. Don't you expect Charlie Daniels to have some killer fiddle playing versions? But no -- just plain ol' faux-country versions of the usual, nothing outstanding, like Dwight's "Silver Bells" (another of my favorites).

YES! Definitely! I LOVED our days! YAY for Connecticut and Rhode Island!
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:28 am (UTC)
have some new recipes to try for tomorrow, including a pecan-blue-cheese change up for sweet potatoes how was this? it sounds interesting

I'm less a fan of his novels (did love the graveyard book) but I think Sandman is still one of my all time favorite comic books
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:40 am (UTC)
I'll let you know how it comes out. I have all the ingredients.

I don't know -- I finished American Gods and started Anansi Boys and kept reading things I'd been thinking or had already written, and thought -- this man writes what I think. He's already written what I've been dying to say. DAMMIT! I'm in love.

Dec. 25th, 2011 05:47 am (UTC)

well that's cool in one way (probably a tad annoying in another).
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:55 am (UTC)
Exactly. There's been at least three times in Anansi Boys when I about screamed out loud "But I thought of that first!!" knowing, of course, I must not have, since he published it first...

Dec. 25th, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
I have been there so many times.
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