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"No, I said WE'RE outta gas."

I marvel at the long lines I see wrapping around the few gas stations which are actually selling gasoline as I cross the Valley in my gigantic so-called "gas guzzler," who will not need any gas (barring any emergency trips) for three weeks, if necessary. I will not top off while the crisis lasts, for I feel for my fellow idiot... er, I mean, man. Although describing some of 'em as idiots is doing some idiots a disservice. These are people who are apparently running so low on gas they absolutely must wait in hour-long lines (which block traffic in several directions) to buy gas at $3.59 a gallon WITH their engines running and air conditioners on.

I realized yesterday I should have a locking gas cap. Both Checker and Auto Zone are sold out, so apparently, I'm not the only one to think so. Now I'm nervous about parking anywhere but at home and at work (where we have a guarded garage). And home ain't all that safe. :P

I still cannot print. I hope those cartridges come soon. I have a CD label maker now and I am overcome with a desire to put labels on at least the CDs I've burned for myself. The CDs which were burned FOR me by the Take Country Back webmistress not so much... I have more than 100 of those... and don't think of those as ripped CDs, think of them as promotional discs, since they've been mostly for review. I have some promotional discs straight from the record companies which have the quality of home burns, anyway.

Besides, there are at least five CDs (and one box set) which I have to buy sooner or later, anyway. I wish I could get a second job, but apparently those are getting scarce, too, and I'm not ready to lower myself to try for Wal-Mart. Yet.

Getting enough sleep on a weekday was totally cool. I was actually chipper for a goodly part of the day at work... until the work ran out and boredom set in, that is. Of course, I did get several pages of my gawd-awful Buffy story written, but I can say it's getting WRITTEN, which puts it WAY ahead of anything else I've tried in the last several years.

I wonder if I'll be able to get to bed early again tonight...


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Aug. 19th, 2003 08:30 pm (UTC)
Gas Pains
Sigh. I only have a half gallon of fuel left in a 10-gallon tank (which acts more like an 8-gallon tank). I'm saving it so I can drive to your place on Saturday, but after that I may have to wait in a line for gas. I refuse to trail tanker trucks, though.

Maybe we'll be lucky and the pipeline will be working by this weekend, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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