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Doctor Who-mas

All Doctor Who, all day, on BBCA. I didn't realize that. I wish I'd known Doctor Who at the Proms was on this morning, I missed the first hour. Of course, it's mostly just music with some shenanigans thrown in, but it's pleasant to listen to.

We have some last-minute things to run out and get, but on the whole, things is done and ready.

Last night tiirz and Steve came over, and we waited for sillymagpie, but still have not heard from her; now I'm starting to fret a little, because it's very unlike her to not come over on Friday night, especially since she was bringing her gifts for framefolly for us to pack up and get in the mail for New Year's. We called to let her know we were going out to dinner, went out, ate, came back, watched You Tube videos for a while on my Tivo, and still have not heard. I hope she just fell asleep yesterday afternoon and is fine now, but she could be dead in a ditch somewhere...

Last week I washed my hair before work and since my hair dryer is broken, I just pulled on one of my crochet hats so I could go outside with wet hair. I had the hat on my desk and it was admired by the gals at work, and I told the little Thai girl that if she brought me the yarn, I'd make her one. She did, so I am. She's fun to work with -- she finds joy in so many things it's a delight to be around her. Makes days very happy. She's been like a little kid at Christmas all season, if by some chance someone brought donuts or cookies, her eyes light up and she cries "YAY!"

They just showed a lovely montage of all the Regenerations (smoothing over, of course, Eight to Nine, since that was never shown), and even in short clip form Ten's regeneration is like "GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY!" Longest. Regeneration. Ever.

Yay Eleven. One day until the Christmas Special!
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