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Joyous Solstice

I feel rotten. Today when I got home, I found a lady who lives across the street with her own dog (a lovely brindle pit bull called Shorty) and a little mix who, I swear, looked EXACTLY like Bo, only tiny. I fell in love. She told me it was a stray, and she wasn't sure what she was going to do with it. I, holding this squirming bundle, had already fallen in love and said since we had a yard, we'd love to keep it until she could find the owner. Well, I put "Mini Bo" into Bo's crate at first, and he appeared to be a pretty good little dog, then took him out with Bo and watched them play for a while -- they got along really well, Bo and his own "Mini-Me" -- and I took my eyes off them for a few minutes. Mini-Bo took the chance, got out of the gap in our fence, and vanished.

I feel horrible. I said I'd take care of him, and I let him escape. He was just a tiny little thing, and now I'll worry. Plus, I REALLY liked him. Not like we really could have kept him, but still... *sigh* I should have ignored his whining and left him in the crate until I made sure the yard was safe for a little dog.

I spent some time this weekend ripping the rest of my Christmas CDs and finishing the rebuild of my music library, and realized I don't know where I got Santa Claus and His Old Lady, 'cause I don't seem to have it anymore. Phoo. Also, there's a couple of discs my current computer refuses to read; I may have to try to rip them on the old machine and copy the files over.

Happy Solstice to everyone.
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