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Happy Happy!

This time any changes made by LJ have flown right past me and I don't see them on my current layout. I'll wait, then, and see. Last time I hated something it disappeared within a couple of days, so...

Today I stopped at Starbucks, a place I rarely go (I'm not a coffee drinker) to get a little gift for the person I pulled in the office gift exchange, since I know she likes Starbucks. I waited behind a guy who apparently had some trouble with his card. He apologized and tried to get the guy at the desk to help me, since I just had a coffee mug to buy, but I was ignored. The guy at the counter poured help all over the guy in front of me, the other three people working behind the counter continuing to ignore me and all the others who were starting to line up behind me, and I listened to the song change. I thought, "If this song finishes, I'm out of here." Bing continued to sing, guy gets his order taken, and instead of passing it to the other three people behind the counter already making drinks, guy goes off to make order. Bing finishes. New song comes on. Still being ignored. I leave mug on the counter and leave. Go across the street to Big Lots where I got a similar coffee mug without the "Starbucks" logo on it for about $7 less.

My cold didn't do me too badly. I'm still a little tired, but on the whole, it was nice to have a cold that played out in about four days instead of a week or more, especially the week before Christmas. The main thing it did for me was make me opt NOT to work overtime the last few days, deciding instead to sleep in and get some rest to recover.

Last night I made tomato soup. Wasn't bad, but needed more tomato, I think. I only used one can of chopped tomatoes, 'cause I didn't want to make too much.

Tomorrow is a big pot luck at work. The crock pot is currently full of meatballs, since by the time I got the list there were about a dozen people already signed up for "cookies" "candy" and "homemade candy" and other such items. I decided real food was better, and one of my unit said she'd bring rolls to go with the meatballs, so yay.

I'm trying to think of a plot for my geek, a story contest that cornerofmadness clued me onto, a <20,000 story featuring a geek in a prominent role. I have a geek, I'm just not sure what is going on in this 20,000 words. I need to find that link again, anyway; I lost it when Firefox crashed and closed all my tabs.

My foot is cramping. Must go take off my shoes.

We can't put packages under the tree because Churro uses them as a fort and sails out OVER them, dragging ornaments, tinsel, and garlands with him when he goes.

St. Maarten:

I didn't take a lot of pictures here because I was expecting a tour, which was cancelled because of underwater visibility (it was a little "sub" ride that was going to take us to see the coral as well as the French side of the island), so we just piddled around a little on the Dutch side, where I found a store that sold tons and tons of chocolate I can't get here in the states but it was so hot I didn't buy any because I knew it would be mush by the time I got it back to the ship.



The pretty blue glass birds in "Central Park" on deck 6:




And this little fellow, also in Central Park -- I worried about him, when we first saw him we were docked at St. Thomas, but he appears to live there -- he was certainly too small to be flying any great distance. We also saw butterflies on the "Boardwalk," leading me to think there's a little mini eco-system right there on the ship:



Getting geared up for the Dreamworks parade, here's Toothless looking out over the crowd on the 5th floor:


And here's Po, entertaining near the car replica; hard to tell here, but the bar there behind him, calling the "Rising Tide," actually travels via elevator from deck 5 to deck 8. We rode it the first night from Central Park down to the Promenade (it's currently up and out of the picture; it'll come down with the Fairy Godmother riding it in a minute). Good drinks, too.


Artwork between the aft elevators:


I've gotten vaguely used to the idea that people now think that A Few of My Favorite Things from Sound of Music is a Christmas song (at least, it's on several different Christmas albums), but I can't figure out why Susan Boyle put a cover of Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over on her Christmas album...

George Takai posted this picture.

If you have the time for the read, I highly recommend this blog post by Stephen Fry -- it's fascinating stuff.
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