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Random Things, and more Vacation Pictures

I updated my writing blog with a little fanfic.

I've been having ideas for an alternate history wherein one little thing not happening changes everything -- in this case, Henry VIII NOT taking that fall and Queen Anne bearing a healthy baby boy, the younger brother of Princess Elizabeth and Prince of Wales. I have to do more serious research than watching The Tudors and reading Wikipedia entries to actually write anything, but the idea intrigues me.

Me with Craig Ferguson Gobber:

And other friends:

The Allure of the Seas is sponsored HEAVILY by Dreamworks. Dreamworks movie channel, Dreamworks first-run movies (we saw both Megamind and Puss in Boots on board -- loved the former, enjoyed the latter; worth seeing).

Also participated in a flash mob:

There were four or five classes during the cruise, and the "flash mob" itself was on the last day. It was fun!

More later.

I didn't sleep very well last night. Nyquil's formula change has made it work far less effectively, and I did not get the "best sleep you ever had with a cold," but instead was tossing and turning and having weird lapses into REM sleep which resulted in far too mundane and normal dreams involving day-to-day things like work and home which were too realistic to allow for any flights of fancy. I'm too sick to do anything but not sick enough to just lay around all day in my pajamas, so I made myself get up and do things, which actually made me feel somewhat better (largely because my sinuses drained). Throat still hurts.

Now cleaning off Tivo a little and listening to Bo whine that Barb has unjustly imprisoned him in his box, just because he wanted us to stop boring him and get up and do something worthy of dog entertainment.

Of course it DIDN'T rain today, but they said it probably would, so I didn't do any laundry. Fie. (Well, it's clouding up now; but if I'd done at least a load this morning, it might be mostly dry by now. It's been surprisingly damp in Arizona the last week or so.)
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