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So, When Your Browser Updates

Tuesday night suddenly my browser closed and I couldn't get it to open again. When I managed to, I got the standard message that often comes when Firefox updates, the dreaded "Shop to Win" popup. I disabled the popup and deleted it from the computer, and then I still couldn't open Firefox. I closed the process with Task Manager and still couldn't open it. I gave up and went to bed.

I worked overtime on Wednesday, got in early, got home, and started doing all the things I'm supposed to do when Firefox does this. I ran a full Malware scan, which took all night. I went to bed.

Thursday more overtime. (This is now par for the course, not a strange or uncommon occurrence.) Got home and tried more scans. Gave up. Managed to get into Explorer to post "I'm dying without my computer!" on Twitter and everything was moving so slowly I once again gave up and went to bed.

Today. I wake up with a sore throat. Worked overtime, almost worked MORE overtime, got home and found I still can't do a damned thing on the computer. Instead of breaking down in tears, I finally turned to my IT expert (Barb) who found my profile on Firefox was now corrupt and built me a new one. So I've lost all my bookmarks and everything else, but I can work in my browser and on my computer.


Sore throat is sneaking its way to a full-blown cold, just in time for the weekend. Whee.

Overtime. Everyday the next two weeks. Including working the Company holidays (which, admittedly, is double-time-and-a-half; but I only volunteered for January 2, because I frankly don't WANT to work Dec 26).

I'm hungry.

And sick.

But less annoyed.
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