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It's Raining

And here in Phoenix, that's a big deal. Apparently in just one day it's rained the entire usual allotment for December here, and there's still more rain coming.

I worked until 6 pm today and it was dark just past 5. It's already after 8 pm. OMG, another week is going to escape without my noticing it.

The tree is now leaning ALARMINGLY toward the living room. It was leaning a little bit on Saturday night, but now it leans A LOT. Churro has decided it's the Most Fun Ever. He lulled us into a false sense of security on Friday and Saturday, but now it's a YAY, FUN TOY FOR ME! sitting in the middle of the living room, and he likes to pull things off of it, from ornaments to garlands (the toy that keeps on giving), and it's a GREAT fort to hide in to attack the unwary as they pass. Thank goodness he hasn't started CLIMBING it yet.

I put my wreath of bells on the chair for a moment:

I have decided I really love 2 Broke Girls. Of the sitcom field, I think it's the best of the new ones; they could have gone so differently, but chose to make the girls smart and likeable, so yay.

I have at least one more batch of fudge to make; Barb is finishing up something, and we will make some packages to send out this year. Yay, again.

Newest writing post: TARDIS fanfic.

I promise, for those interested, I will eventually get back to posted vacation photos, although I realize that looking at someone else's vacation pictures is amazingly boring. :)
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