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I Have No Freaking Idea

Where this week went to. It seems like I got to work, came home, did a few things, and BANG, it was time for bed again.

I last posted on Monday; Tuesday was much better, the gym was open and I got in, did my workout, and had a good, solid day at work. Tuesday night was busy doing SOMETHING, but I cannot now remember what that could have been. I don't think I even watched NCIS live, but I honestly can't remember. Wednesday we had Barb's mom over for dinner, so I made Turken noodle soup (turkey and chicken stock & meat mixed, 'cause I had a little of both left).

Thursday they had a hot dog cookout for us at work ("Employee Appreciation Non-Denominational Winter Celebration"), then Barb's company holiday party at Dave & Buster's later that night, so two free meals! No gift exchange at work this year (too many people now), and Barb took home her own White Elephant present since no one else selected it and everything she had selected was stolen from her and she's too nice to steal from someone else.

Friday was busy at work, and when I got home we went out and got this:

Saturday we got it inside and set up, watching to see how Churro would handle it. He was fine, so in the evening when everyone came over, we baked yams and potatoes with chicken thighs, then decorated while watching Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch, and Wish for Wings That Work, and now it looks like this:

Also started the holiday baking, made two batches of fudge and Barb made up the dough for some cookies, which were finished this morning, along with another batch of fudge; I've made some pistachio cookies which are really delicate, so I have to see if they can be wrapped tightly enough for mailing.

And then spent the afternoon watching Investigation: Discovery, which is a very addictive channel, and saw an ad for a new episode of "Stalker" coming up tomorrow, where an artist named "Colleen" is being stalked -- they showed a page of her art, and it's Colleen Doran. Looked like a page from the first issue of "Distant Soil." I'll have to watch it. Like, wow, I met her! (Stalker, not. :D )

Had frozen pizza for dinner. Not bad, but not as good as the thin-crust stuff they usually have (bought at CostCo).

Now watching the most recent Pysch. Yet another show where they got the main characters together and didn't lose anything. There is no Moonlighting curse, Castle writers.
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