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I'm not doing what I should be doing

I worked so late all I did was get home, eat, and now camp in front of the TV writing LJ and reading stupid things like this:

HUCKABEE: What would you from the federal government's perspective to protect private property?

BACHMANN: Well I, the, the federal government needs to stand up in terms of legislation and also from the legal perspective. If there's, if there's a case that goes before the court, they need to follow the constitution and they also need to have reference with the declaration of independence because that's part of our government that we uphold private property rights. That hasn't happened a lot in recent years but it must.

So what precisely is Ms. Bachmann saying here? (She also recently said it was perfectly okay for gay men to marry, as long as they marry women. *blink* I think she's missing something somewhere.)

Flora and Fauna (iguanas can't read):

Our ship is the big one here:

Me and Mom at St. Peter's, one of the old plantation houses:

Coconuts! Growing in trees!

Me at Magen's Bay:

It rained that day, but once it cleared up it was pretty awesome to see all the pelicans and frigate birds diving into the water to fish!

More iguanas on rocks:

Not sure what this turret was, either part of Blackbeard's castle or an old fort? We didn't get up there:

Drove past a cemetery here:

Sailing out:

I LOVED St. Thomas. It was a beautiful city, with the architecture that told me THIS was where the pirates were -- this was the real thing that Pirates of the Caribbean was based on (quite apart from the presence of Blackbeard's castle on the island). The arches, the brickwork, the stones, the big banded doors, it all looked like that. It was BEAUTIFUL. (Except now it's a big mall selling duty-free liquor and jewelry to tourists...)

This morning I got up, got dressed and ready, and headed to the gym. I was there a little early, and the doors weren't opened yet. I waited with everyone else. And we waited. And waited. And waited. At 5, the lights inside (on timers) turned on. Still no employees. At five after, many grumbling people left talking about Gold's Gym or 24 Hour Fitness. At ten after, more people left. At quarter after, I finally left, because there was no longer any way I could now get in a workout and a shower and still get to work on time; besides, it was something like 42 degrees outside this morning, which may not be much for some people, but it's COLD for us. I went home, tweeted in annoyance, and took a hot shower here. No workout. Must try again tomorrow.

I wonder how much more 24 Hour Fitness is. :P
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