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Food Meme, Just Because

Stolen wholesale from queenofattolia...

Favorite commercial cookie: Not sure; I love Hob Nobs and Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's (chocolate creme filling) best, I think.

Favorite homemade cookie: My peanut-butter & chocolate chip or my chocolate chews w/peanut butter chips.

Favorite bar cookie: Fudge meltaways (man, we need to make these...)

Favorite cake: I think the old "Treebeard's Butter Cake," although I always make it with chocolate mix instead of yellow. Or the All-American Chocolate Cake at Costco.

Favorite whole pie: Marie Calendar's Cherry Crunch-top pie, or any cherry pie. Also chocolate dream pie.

Favorite individual pie: Chicken pot pie, a good one with nice thick gravy. (Marie Calendar's are good.)

Favorite pudding: Chocolate (trending much?)

Favorite stovetop pasta: Good old-fashioned spaghetti & meat sauce (or meatballs or sausage, or all of the above).

Favorite baked pasta: Lasagna

Favorite yeast bread: ALL OF THEM. Seriously, give me a loaf of bread and I can demolish it; but crusty Italian bread is probably my favorite. A local grocery here makes FABULOUS crusty bread.

Favorite quick bread: Yes, again. Also English muffins and Southern biscuits could fall into this category. Well done hushpuppies, too. Heck, just about any cornbread (although mine is particularly good...)

Favorite Vietnamese dish: I don't remember what it was called, but it was a delightful noodle dish with shrimp and chicken and very tasty broth.

Favorite Chinese dish: Walnut shrimp (prawn), a Cantonese New Year's dish that's too rich and decadent for words.

Favorite Japanese dish: Tuna or salmon sashimi with fresh chopped wasabi. Sunomono with sesame.

Favorite Thai dish: Red curry beef in coconut milk with bamboo shoots. And Mi Krob.

Favorite Indian dish: Massaman curry at Thai Rama.

Favorite Mexican dish: Depends on the Mexican food! Sonoran Mexican, Machaca chimichangas at Manuel's -- there's some good Central American and Ecuadorian places here, too, but I can't remember the names of my favorite dishes there; it's been a while since I was there last. And then there's NEW Mexican cuisine, ah, for shrimp enchiladas with wicked spicy fundido sauce!

Favorite Cuban dish: Haven't had enough Cuban to have a favorite...

Favorite Italian dish: Cannelloni al forno, with beef and veal or veal and chicken. But pretty much any Italian dish is my favorite. ALL OF IT.

Favorite cheese: A simple medium sharp cheddar, or the Irish Dubliner. Also love Gouda and Gruyere, just about any of the hard sharp cheeses.

Favorite jam: queenofattolia's Candy Apple, and her strawberry w/vanilla bean. Other than that, cherry.

Favorite coffee: I don't drink coffee. Bleah.

Favorite tea: Any mint green tea for daytime, Republic of Tea's Blood Orange chocolate red tea at night.

Favorite candy: See's Scotchmallow (pretty much anything in the See's "Nuts & Chews" collection, really)

Favorite wine: New Age, an Argentinian white; sparkling white Lambrusco; almost any of Stella Rosa's label whites (Asti, Moscato, etc.), and Rosa Regale, a sparkling Rose to die for.

Favorite beer: Harp Lager, probably; I like a number of pale ales/lagers, I don't care for any dark beers.

Favorite hard liquor: My favorite may be Cuaco, but since it's a liqueur it may not count (like Amaretto); but probably rum (Captain Morgan's, or other good quality rum).

Favorite meat: Pork, probably. Much as I love steak, Pork is bacon and sausage and pork loin and pork roast and pulled pork and pork chops (yes, I am Homer Simpson).

Favorite poultry: Turkey. If turkeys didn't take up so much space in the freezer, I'd cook 'em way more than twice a year.

Favorite seafood: Fried clams, I think. Crab legs. Lobster tail. Fried (popcorn) shrimp. Shrimp scampi. Pretty much all shellfish, fried or broiled.

Favorite fish: Tilapia or catfish. Then Salmon.

Favorite fruit: Cherries!

Favorite vegetable: Peas or corn, Chinese broccoli, steamed fresh Brussels sprouts

Favorite appetizer: Fried calamari, served at the Armadillo Grill.

Favorite dish of memory: Mom's fried chicken, the way she used to make it. Even she doesn't remember how she did it. *heavy sigh* With mashed potatoes and Mom's gravy. Fried chicken night was the best night...


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