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The First of December, Ho

I have determined I will lose five pounds before Christmas. And then I ate an entire dark chocolate w/marzipan bar.

Some of the artwork included a large bronze tree:

With hummingbirds studded with Swarovski crystals...

This opened up to extend a little bridge that allowed the captain and the cruise director to come out and talk to people:

The Promenade also included this nifty model car (for picture-taking opportunities):

Some sunset shots from our balcony:

Today I've started working on the Rule of Three story again, making it a tighter (I hope) complete tale. They've given us a few extra words to add, but I can't go hog wild like I'd love to with this micro-world I created!

Funny how I'd scrupulously avoid sugared sodas and yet will drink half a bottle of wine without thinking about it...
Tags: cruise, vacation, writing
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