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Donut Holes

I played with my donut hole maker ("Babycakes," it's supposed to make "cake lollipops) -- the holes themselves are good enough, but it's a lot of work, and they don't stay on the sticks worth a damn. Fun, though.

So, I haven't had my period for something like four months. I thought YAY, it's finally over, I'm through!

Not so, says my body -- on Tuesday morning the GEYSER started, and apparently my womb is shedding the last four months all in two days. Blah. At least there have only been mild cramps.

Am tired now. I do have to find a place to put these donut holes, though, because if I leave them where they are, Bo will find them and eat them overnight, as he did with the cookies tiirz brought on Saturday and we foolishly left on the counter when we went out to lunch...
Tags: dogs, food, menopause
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