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I Am Alive!

I focused everything this week on finishing my NaNo, so when I wasn't at work, I was WRITING. I topped 50,000 words this morning before going in, so got my goodies and I'll finish the story later. Woot!

Today I saw a brief interview with Nicole Nichols, talking about the TrekNation special that's on the Science Channel tonight. She said she met Dr. Martin Luther King, and he told her that he was one of her biggest fans -- she told him she was going to quit the show, and he told her she could not do so, since she was a powerful symbol to other girls out there, and it was one of the few shows he and his family watched together, and he encouraged her to stay. The next day she went back to Roddenberry and told him she'd stay, and why, and Roddenberry apparently said "God bless Dr. King." So it seems Trekkies owe something to Dr. King, eh?

The entrance to the Boardwalk, Deck 6 (the steps in building a carousel horse):

The Carousel itself (it's a good one, with lots of animals--I rode it twice):

The rest of the Boardwalk area:

Me and Mom, with the cast of Madagascar in the background:

Rock climbing wall:

I thought about climbing it, but I was chicken. (You have to basically rappel to get back down, and that's one time in my life I actually froze -- going backwards seems to do that to me...)

More to come.
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