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Kickin' off the Holiday Season

As always, the Christmas season does NOT begin for me until I see Santa arrive in Herald Square. That said, I have to admit I REALLY enjoyed hearing "Winter Wonderland" being played on steel drums with a Caribbean beat while in stores on St. Martin (plus, it was 90 degrees and humid).

mustangsally78 needs to see this.

I'd been to Nassau before, so we just went ashore, took some pictures, and came back to look around the ship.

Carnival ship pulling into harbor behind us:

Ships at the dock (there were a BUTTLOAD of cruise ships there this time):

Member of the British Commonwealth:

Me, with Atlantis in the background:

Tour of the ship next.

Instead of doing Black Friday shopping we just hung around the house today, then went and bought a lot of plants for the tiki bar renovations in the back yard. (Odd, "Tiki" is not in the dictionary here, apparently.)

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