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Ah, it's Friday at last.

I have finally personalized my journal. I more or less like it, but I may do more fiddling until I get it exactly the way I like it.

Yesterday I didn't feel so good. Our supervisor took us to Claim Jumper for lunch, and I ordered the country-fried steak lunch. Okay, the portions at this place are enormous. If this was the lunch plate, I'm terrified at what must be on the dinner plate. Anyway, I started feeling a little off and only ate a few bites of the steak, about half the potatoes, and only half the biscuit (now, these biscuits are roughly the size of a salad plate, and at least two inches thick, so that was an accomplishment); I brought the rest home for dinner, but ended up not eating anything last night and I was in bed by eight. I did not re-gain my appetite until this afternoon, when I finally ate a little cottage cheese and a few Cheetos (okay, at least there was a little protein there). But I do feel better overall, so I don't know what it was bothering me.

I do want to go back to Claim Jumper sometime, though. Awesome deserts, also incredibly enormous, so of course no one ate any. They would need to be ordered and taken home, which I seriously contemplated whilst looking at the deep dish berry pie (about right for two, maybe three servings) in the front display case.

I might, I say I MIGHT make cookies this weekend.
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