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Or, if you prefer, Ritual Sacrifice With Pie.

Had a perfect turkey, brined and roasted, with plain old-fashioned bread stuffing (properly inside the bird, as God intended) by Barb, green beans, rice casserole, yams & apples, and of course gravy! Everything came out perfectly -- all I really did was the turkey this year, Barb handled most of the sides (and the pie!); I roasted mixed nuts for the table and opened the wine.

Mom overlooking the aft deck of the Allure of the Seas:

Sailing out of Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale:

Looking up the Atlantic Coast of Florida from Lauderdale, tall buildings as far as the eye can see:

It really is a marvelous ship, although having sailed on it once, I can just say it was an experience, and I hope if Mom and I go on further cruises, we stick to the smaller ships, because they're much more personal (and a LOT fewer kids -- on the smaller ships they're better at hiding them...), and it's easier to get to know where you are and what you're doing. Still, by the end I knew my way around pretty well, and we were off to a glorious start!

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving, with much celebration and feasting (and just a good Thursday, if you're not in the States!).
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