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Total Brain Meltdown

I'm not precisely sure why I do this to myself, but I keep on doing it... Nano Words: 31,307 -- which is, considering the vacation break, not too horrible for the 23rd, but here's coming a weekend which I'd love to do other things; yet, on the other hand, I don't want to NOT finish again, having gotten into it.

Am whittling down the Tivo very slowly -- two episodes of Fringe are better than one! -- my Mom got me hooked on The Mentalist a year or so ago, and while I still think it's basically Psych done straight, the guy who plays Jayne is so phenomenally amazing that I can't not watch him when he's on the screen.

Turkey is in the brine. Tomorrow there will be turkey!

Mom lives on a golf course in Florida, so there's always been a surplus of wildlife. This year, they've added new inhabitants, whom I could not get enough of watching:


I watched them run and jump all evening, hopping from tree to tree and leap across the parking lots and the little streets, every bit as much fun as the birds!

Back to writing. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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