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What Is Becoming An Annual Event

Happy Binary Day! 11-11-11, also Pocky Day, because 11-11 looks like a box of Pocky. (I'm serious!)

I'm in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, at Gate D7, waiting now for an hour and a half for my flight, because of course it only takes about five minutes to get through security.

I got up at 3 am this morning, went to work, we got everything from the morning mail done (yes, big bulk places DO receive mail on federal holidays), talked to my boss about how things would go while I'm gone and the fond hope that my unit will not collapse when I'm not there, saw the next wave of mail coming in and bid everyone adieu, leaving the booklet from the ship on my desk with a "Kathy Is Here" sticky pointing to Deck 10. Came home, wrote for a while and watched some Craig Ferguson, then loaded up and Barb drove me here. I called Mom at home to tell her I neglected to put her new cell phone # into my cell phone, but she's not home, so hopefully she'll call before I have to turn everything off.

I was NOT hungry while I was at home, so also neglected to eat lunch, but am now starving. Stupid airport food. There's actually a real bar/grill on this end of the gates, but not sure if I want to pay that much, especially when I'm camped nicely here with a plug and free Internet and everything. Just watched a very tearful farewell as a young man parted from a woman with two crying children -- the woman turned and walked off with the stroller, crying herself, while the crying young man went to board the plane, and even as I felt writerly sympathy for them, I couldn't help but wonder how she got past security with the stroller and the kids and no boarding pass.

This is the second time I've accidentally smuggled my 1-oz bottle of lotion undetected through security. Also, full body scanner? No big deal.

This is the fourth year in a row Mom's had me come out for vacation in Florida the week before Thanksgiving. It's my fifth year for NaNoWriMo (13,588 words thus far). This year's noodling is not a great deal different from the first year's noodling (which I posted, beginning here, tag "vampire and me"), only set about forty years later. The only problem with setting a story in 2019 is that it's close enough to now to have a vague idea of what things might be like, but on the other hand, think about how much changed in the last eight years. For example, right NOW you can't use a cell phone while at sea and Internet is extremely expensive -- in 8 years, might everything bounce of satellites and be easy to get on a cruise ship? After all, Internet access has gone from rare and strange to completely taken for granted in the same amount of time (and man, were we cheesed to find that Newark did NOT have free Internet!). But I'll noodle along anyway.

I have about an hour. Maybe I'll go have a burger.
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