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More work possible woes

Hey, there are changes here on this page.

My super-cool supervisor is going to be leaving us October 8. They aren't going to replace him just yet, because there is going to be a Management Shakedown in December (which is one of the main reasons Mark posted out--which means applied for another position in another department), so we are going to be back under Peggy, the woman I used to work for who took away my music. I can't imagine she's going to do that to us in Imaging because, well, everyone listens to headphones. I actually feel sorry for my fellow refugees from Word Processing more, because they had actual work-related beefs with her that I did not (I actually do get along with her as long as I can listen to music while I work). However, it's just until December, so things should flow along reasonably smoothly until then.

But Mark tells me that, apparently, last Tuesday I was rude and snippy to someone, who complained to him about me. This confused me, because I honestly don't remember even speaking to anyone last Tuesday, and I said I had no clue. Mark being the cool fellow he is, just said he wanted me to know and didn't think there was really anything about it. I was wondering if H. B. is trying to get me in trouble before he leaves or something like that. Maybe I'm just paranoid. In any case, I was all smiles today for everyone.

I have been told many times before that my "tone of voice" can come across as snappish, so if it did happen, I was totally unaware of it. I still can't remember anything specific. I do wish people would tell ME if they have a problem with me, instead of going to the boss. Bitch, moan.

Otherwise, I've been feeling unaccountably good. Must be the nice cool air which has allowed us to turn off the air conditioning, it actually rained on Saturday (out here, "hurricane's a comin'" is a good thing), and I even have a glimmer of a hope that John Kerry might win.

But my book isn't done yet. So much for self-inflicted deadlines. And more reviews, heigh-ho.
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