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Arizona Is Not Just All About The Comedy

And so, having had State Treasurer Dean Martin, we now have State Senator Jerry Lewis.

I am being serious! (And don't call me Shirley.)

I totally, thoroughly, completely, SUCK. I knew I had to vote yesterday and I kept putting it off until it was 6:30 and when Barb came back from walking Bo said the polling station had a line out the door and around the block. I should have gotten off my fat ass and gone down to stand in line, but I didn't, and I now I have no right to any complaints. It's like the second election I've missed in my adult life, and fortunately,, it wasn't horribly important other than the Phoenix Mayoral race, and thank goodness, Phoenix's blue slice got out there and voted, and the sensible Stanton defeated wack job Gullett. Whew. I dodged a bullet there. (Apparently this election broke voter turnout records in Phoenix. I should have gone. I definitely suck.)

I did see that Mississippi defeated the "personhood" measure, thank goodness. Had something like that been on our ballot, I would have gone to stand in line.

Work has continued to be extraordinarily busy, and I, being a good doobie and bucking for a promotion, gave up some of my vacation--on Friday, which I had off, there is a major programing conversion being made, and we need to have the majority of our work FINISHED by 11 am. Since my plane doesn't leave until 3:30, I said I'd come in on the early-early shift and help out, then take some PT to get home early enough to get to the airport.

Then I noticed last night that I have a two hour layover in Houston and won't arrive in Orlando until 12:30 am Saturday morning, approximately 2:30 am my time, which means unless I can get some sleep on the plane, will be about 23 hours awake. ARGH. I'm too old for this $h!t... Thank goodness a cruise is relaxing, and Mom can't run me too ragged. I really sleep well on board ship.

Words: 11,871 Somehow, despite how busy I've been, I seem to be making better progress than last year (go figure, last year I had a PLOT and everything, this year I'm just doodling). *knock wood*
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