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No, no, don't let the weekend end!

Well, I made the long list, but didn't make the short list in the Ren 3 voting. I have to re-read the finalists to make my vote and not be bitter or anything.

I am pleased I went that far, though.

Words: 9,157. Not too bad, I think.

We got a lot more done on the patio (pretty close to being done, but for the decorating), got all the laundry done, and managed to get a little done inside (vacuuming and whatnot) before getting to the WRITING part of the day. Also made pumpkin bread.

Cleared off a lot of the Tivo; must get the rest of the stuff done before I leave on Friday. Must get through the work week, too!

So much to do!

Tags: cats, random stuff, weekend, writing
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