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Taking a NaNo Break

But there is no pie.

Words: 5,070. A little better, but still insufficient. I need to crank it up; now that the patio is done, perhaps I will. Tomorrow is the first Saturday in ages I don't have to actually get up and DO anything, so I can sleep in a little, and hopefully get some serious writing done this weekend.

Yesterday I finished the final chapters of Dead Until Dark. As with many such popcorn books, I was able to unlatch my mind and just read for enjoyment, giving no deep thought to anything therein. I was enjoying myself with it. Good characters, pretty good mystery, blah blah blah (no, I haven't seen all of Season 1 of True Blood, so some of the story was new to me). Then, as does happen with such sorts of popcorn books, one thing hit me. One tiny thing, and the next thing I know, all enjoyment is gone and I start analyzing. And what was this one thing? Well, when Sookie meets Bill's "friend" Bubba, the, ha ha ha, "Man from Memphis." "Came across a little dimwitted because of all the chemicals in his blood." But that isn't what bothered me, nor was it Bubba's fondness for drinking small pets. No, it was when Sookie looked into Bubba's brown eyes.

*cough* I may be a big ol' fangirl, but Elvis's eyes were blue. Bright blue. Noticeably blue. Any tiny amount of research would have told the author that, and it wouldn't have taken too much to look at a couple of good pictures (and not on the Internet). Once that settled in, then came the rest of the nitpicks. Bubba's hair was still black -- Elvis was a natural blond. Or is Bubba dimwitted, but still sharp enough to dye his own hair? And what's the deal with Sookie fixating on his "thick as maple syrup" southern accent? Doesn't this story take place in Louisiana? Wouldn't EVERYONE have a southern accent? Then the story itself. The WHYS. The WTFs. Did Ms. Harris get so bored with her own hero, she had to introduce another one? The stuff in the vampire bar was fascinating, but had nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of the story, so it had to be just to showcase "backup anti-hero." At least Sookie managed to save herself. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

(I didn't know Anderson Cooper was Gloria Vanderbilt's son. <-- aside, after seeing a commercial for his talk show)
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