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How, how, HOW is it November already?

I managed to write about 250 words before work.

Had to stop on the way home to pick up the new cable card to replace the old box for Tivo Premiere. It doesn't work. *headdesk* Cable Guy will come tomorrow to fiddle with it.

Tried on several pairs of slacks at Marshall's. None fit. Although I currently have five pair of jeans which DO fit, which are all between size 8 and size 12, none of the size 12 slacks I tried on did. I'll try Ross later. *am freakishly fat* *don't yell at me, when I look in the mirror I still SEE 275 pounds...*

FINALLY sat down to write again just past 7 pm. Managed to get down 1,210 words despite this annoying sticky D key.

Thanks to cornerofmadness for my purple fuzzy spider, BTW!

I was going to finally get to the gym tomorrow. But overtime was called back on. *sigh* I wonder when Corporate will acknowledge that we DO need more people.

I have pictures, but I'll post them later. Have to get to bed now.
Tags: fat, television, work, writing
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