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People are such sheep. Today I saw a police report where a man and his dog were attacked by a couple of other dogs running loose. He, naturally, reported he'd been attached by "pit bulls." I read the police report further to find when the officer found the home of the dogs, that they were a Welsh Corgi and a half-Basset hound (neither of which had any history of aggression). *headdesk* I had to argue with a girl at work because of her "I HATE pit bulls!" attitude... Sadly, I didn't get very far.

And why is it, whenever there is a dog attack, they HAVE to go out of their way to report it's a pit bull -- any time it's any other breed of dog, it's just "dog attack"? It just adds to the whole idiocy. There are several pibbies in this neighborhood and they're all lovely, friendly, delightful dogs.

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