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Oh Em Gee, I Am So Tired

I've about had it with this overtime and yet it will continue. So... very... tired...

Came out of work today to find the parking lot wet. It apparently rained. Huh. I didn't think it did that anymore.

For the last several weeks, I have been wondering at a strange, somewhat exotic bird call outside; I wasn't sure if there was something new in the neighborhood or if the mockingbirds have been hanging out at the zoo. But on Saturday morning I could hear the calls, and they were coming from a specific direction. So I stood on the driveway and listened, zeroing in on the trees around the house kitty-corner to us. As I was scanning the trees I noticed the enormous BIRD CAGE in their backyard, filled with, you guessed it, exotic birds (I either have to use binoculars or go look over their fence to see exactly what kind, and I haven't done either yet...). Of course, the local mockingbirds ARE imitating them, so...

One mystery solved.

Barb posted some, too, in her journal (rahirah).

The new entertainment center:

New armchair with new end table:

New sofa and coffee table:

The other side of the entertainment center, with the extra media shelf:

I like 'em. It's pretty! And lots and lots of space.

I have a casserole in the oven, and I HAVE to go to bed early. I'm freakin' exhausted. I'm almost glad Barb was sick on Sunday, since I was able to simply veg out (I fell asleep while listening to the radio and slept through almost all of Prairie Home Companion). I was very nearly worthless today and made some seriously stupid mistakes.

The D on my keyboard is being recalcitrant and difficult. I have to really BANG on it to make it type.
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