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International Recommend-A-Movie Day

Was apparently yesterday, but I didn't find out until just about midnight, so it'll have to be today.

It Happened One Night -- One of the best of the original early screwball comedies, it pairs up a handsome young Clark Gable with a lovely young Claudette Colbert in an impossible situation which would have never happened to any real people, but as with all the screwball comedies, wackiness ensues and ends in twoo love. It also single-handedly killed the undershirt industry in America when it was revealed that Gable didn't wear one.

My Cousin Vinny -- One of those movies I avoided like the plague cause it "looked dumb." Turned out to be hilarious, and I find myself watching it whenever it comes on (like it's doing right now on the Comedy Channel). It's really the only Joe Pesci film I like, and keep on the alert for a side-splittingly funny Fred Gwynn in one of his final roles.

Get Crazy -- I haven't seen this one since I was in college. Some friends made me watch it. I can't remember everything about it, but I do distinctly remember Malcolm McDowell as an aging, mildly insane rock star patterned loosely on Mick Jagger and Keith Richards combined into one. It's extremely hilarious and one should definitely NOT watch it before any other mildly serious film (such as Eraserhead).

Kiki's Delivery Service -- Top-notch Japanimation, early Studio Ghibli (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) production. One of the ones dubbed by Disney (with the voice of Phil Hartman in one of his final roles) and available on DVD. I saw a translation of it done by a good friend many, many years before Disney bought up the Ghibli catalog, and as I remember, the Disney translation is reasonably accurate and true to the original.


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Sep. 18th, 2004 07:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Kiki's Delivery Service
The translation is pretty good, but it just seems so wrong! I actually saw that movie in Japanese a good dozen times before I ever got my hands on an English transcript, which unfortunately means I find it jarringly weird when the characters start speaking in English. It's my favorite Miyazaki (though that may change once "Howl's Moving Castle" hits the US -- a Diana Wynne Jones/Miyazaki combo, what more could you ask for?) and the one I loan out the most.
Sep. 19th, 2004 12:18 am (UTC)
Re: Kiki's Delivery Service
I've been a Japanimation fan for so long I never got involved in the whole "it's so much better in Japanese!" thing. I have a subtitled version of Kiki I've had for years, but I never mind them either way. I still have somewhere Castle Cagliostro in Japanese with subtitles so faded you have to sit on the TV to read 'em. :) When Bill did the translation of Kiki, I don't even remember reading it, just loving it -- so the English voices didn't change anything when I eventually saw it again.

Now, I don't like the ones where they have to change the whole story in the translation... :P
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