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So Friday I got home from work and found Barb had pulled down the dying pine tree by herself. The sand for the back porch base had been delivered and we had to haul it into the back yard by the wheelbarrowfulls just as we did the paving stones. Next step taken care of (sort of). It'll have to be spread out, smoothed, compacted, and layered before the stones are set in.

Then I had to work Saturday morning. When I got home, we went out to "The Dump," a closeout furniture store, to buy ourselves a new armchair. We ended up buying... an entire living room set. It'll be delivered next Saturday (two years no interest, free delivery... apparently we HAD to spend that much for such a deal). It does mean being a little tight for the next year or so, but hey! Real adult furniture instead of hand-me-downs and the entertainment center we made in our "sure, we can make furniture!" phase.

Then last night I made spaghetti sauce and we had a lovely pasta dinner with bruschetta and salad.

Then I was awarded the Liebster Award by An Eclectic Muse for my writing blog for my first installment of my Rule of Three blogfest story!

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