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My Plan for Today

Did not include getting sucked into a Scrubs marathon on Comedy Central. Yet somehow, here I am.

I have to actually put words to screen for my Rule of Three Blogfest -- something I'm not doing, and need to have posted in the next three days. Fortunately, it's only 500 words.

I am working on the final scenes of Nightwalker, the "story" (I say that loosely because it really isn't a plotted STORY story) I've been posting at my writing blog, and I want to get that done before I get started on Nano this year, and maybe some serious changes in A Long Way Home, based on comments from beta readers.

Am also posting some of the last few weeks of prompts to photoscavenger. The prompt two weeks ago was autumn, which hasn't come to Phoenix yet -- it's "only" 99 today (first time it hasn't broken 100 in a while), but the humidity kicked back up again so it's miserable out there. We have the new patio dug out completely, and spread vegetation killer, but the masonry place closed early on Saturday so we couldn't price the filler and paver sand (we saw the prices at Home Depot, which weren't bad, but we do want to be able to compare).

River Song's name tag.

Doctor Meow

Kuzcotopia. Nifty photo tricks.

And most important of all:

Go forth and also see episodes 2 and 3 (part 1). Don't question genius.
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