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I will admit it. When I first was introduced to River Song in Silence in the Library, I didn't care for her, and I was appalled by the people who surmised she might be the Doctor's future wife. It irritated the snot out of me. But by the second or third time she showed up, I was feeling the River Song love.

And now? I ADORE her, and I was not at all distressed by her hasty wedding to the Doctor. It WORKED for me. I know there were some bumps in Moffat's overall River Song plot, but on the whole? I came out HAPPY at the end, and so did all my favorite characters.

I know I will miss Rory and Amy dreadfully if they don't come back (although I have heard rumors both ways, the only one I know for sure has been signed for next series is the Doctor himself).

And AMY ROCKS. Seriously, go Amelia Pond.

I guessed the second he started talking to the Teselecta (the robot justice ship) from Let's Kill Hitler that the Ganger Doctor had been a red herring and the "Doctor" we see "die" in Day of the Moon would be the robot.

I do wonder if when Moffat plotted this he planned originally on finally bringing back Nicholas Courtney to play "Caesar," but had to change to Churchill when Courtney passed away, and added the scene on the phone. Very sad, that, and about time.

I am delighted with the fact that, under Moffat, the Doctor has lived at least 200 years, rather than the Earth-based linear time he's been stuck with under Davis. (And when they ask the Doctor how old he is, is he counting in Earth years, or Gallifreyan years?)

I can't wait for Christmas. *Giddy Doctor 11 love*

Stetsons really ARE cool. I'm glad he got to wear it for most of the episode.
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