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Thanks to green_maia for the daisy! :)

I once again put off doing my writer's group critiques until the very last minute, so naturally I've been so busy the last three days I've barely had time to read through my f-list. ARGH. I know better, but somehow the end of September snuck up on me.

I also signed up to play in the Rule of 3 Blogfest, which will force me to write something a) with a prompt, b) on a deadline, and c) not involving my own setting.

J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer

I've also been working serious overtime this week, as well as coming home to help Barb dig up the backyard, so by the time dinner's done and I sit down the computer, all I have time for is the word processor. It does mean I haven't set foot in the gym. ARGH, again.

Back to work.
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