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Sometimes I Just Don't Know What's Going On

I think I had a reasonably good night's sleep. I remember waking up with a terrible sinus headache, but I stumbled to the bathroom and took drugs, then stumbled back to bed. I heard the dog bark once, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

And yet I have been a zombie all day long. We got up, dug out some of the new patio area (it is STILL too hot to do outdoor work like this for very long), went shopping for Barb's mom, then came home and got ready to hit the Phoenix Art Museum for an exhibit of Mexican modern art/impressionism that sillymagpie wanted to see. There were some very nice works, and some which made me scratch my head and go "huh?" as I considered why or how this piece was considered "art" and my niece's crayon drawings are not. We wandered the rest of the galleries, looked at the wonderful collection of Mrs. Thorne's miniature rooms (very very cool), the Impressionists, the Asian room, and my favorite favorite gallery at the Phoenix Art Museum, the Phillip C Curtis paintings; I like a lot of surrealist art, but I LOVE this guy's stuff. It gives me the same sensations as watching things like Something Wicked This Way Comes or Carnivale gave me, that eerie and strange "Middle Americana is Dark Beneath" feeling. I love all the paintings they have in the gallery here, and I found a few online I kept copies of because of their coolness:

Ooo, and I see there's a book at Amazon. Well, that's going on the ol' wish list.

ANYWAY, was still dragging around much more listlessly than I wanted to. We had to come back early to get dinner ready (we had Barb's mom coming over; we like to do that for her as often as we can), and I started the potatoes cooking, sat down, and promptly fell asleep for a half-hour with my computer on my lap.

Did get the laundry done today, and actually got some writing done yesterday.

The wooden electric pole on the corner cross-wise from us appears to be leaning ominously, and I'm sure it didn't lean like that before. I wonder if I should worry about this.

OH! And the Diamondbacks clinched the National League West. We're in the playoffs! World Series-bound, baby! (Knock wood)
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