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Friday, Friday, Friday, Ooooooh!

I wasn't going to see this movie, but this trailer makes me kinda want to:

An old friend of mine works as a manga translator. Three of his translations are 1, 2, and 3 on the NY Times bestseller list. How cool is that?

Forgot to mention I updated my writing blog.

So, with drug-addled idiots now snorting BATH SALTS to get the same high they get from Meth, will I have to show my driver's license in order to purchase them for my actual BATH? *hating "punish the innocent" laws*

I kinda want to see the same view Neil Gaiman can see out his window. (Caution: The cruelty of nature appears in this picture.)

Serious question for anyone who has lived/is living in a cold climate where the ground freezes: Do they still hold bodies until spring for burial, or do they have a way of digging graves when the ground is frozen? I honestly don't know, and need to.
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