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Musing On One's Own Indispensibility

So yesterday I returned to work to find that, in the eight days of my absence, my section apparently simply fell apart. By the second Friday there were serious problems costing big money to the company. So, Monday there was a meeting where I was assured I was only being informed (since I wasn't there), but before same I was taken aside by my supervisor and his boss, the superintendent, and told that I was now fully in charge of the group, I am trusted, AND they fought hard to get me a Team Leader position, but the VPs said no because of that bad review my previous supervisor gave me. Grrr. I knew that would happen, I just knew it. (I don't know why they can't look at previous reviews--I NEVER got one like that before.) Ah, well. I am in what is being called a "developmental" position, poised to take the last Team Leader slot after the next round of reviews if I can get a better review mid-year. It was both ego-stroking and most humbling to have my bosses tell me how amazing they think I am, and now I feel like I really have to step it up to live up to this high opinion. And to get that promotion.

A second thought which occurs to me is I have always gotten along better with male bosses over female. I apologize to all women, but that's been my history. I think there's only ever been one woman boss I ever got along well with on the job, and I'm not sure if it's my fault or what.

So in two days I seem to have made inroads in getting my little crew organized, as well as the lecture they got, but the big boss basically told them "when Kathy says jump, you say how high," which was both kinda cool and terribly frightening.

I saw this billboard from the Brooklyn Bridge and had to snap a shot of it:

I tried to make ginger ale. It tastes okay, but it didn't carbonate properly. Must try again, and this time crush the ginger to get more of the flavor.
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