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Not Quite Autumn, but Getting There!

Autumn in Phoenix: The nights are cooling down, the mornings are pleasant, the days are still hot (upper 90's), and the Home Depot is full of grass seed and new plants. The doors and windows are open for the first time in months and a lovely breeze is blowing by.


We got a lot of the shed torn down this morning, and hope to have most of the rest done by tomorrow morning. The grass is all cut and being watered, and the dog wonders if we're insane as he watches us work from the shade.

Silhouette seems to be doing quite fine. He's taking his thyroid pills and he's starting to use the box in his new Kitty Condo (a large cage with levels and carpeting, etc.; he's not happy all the time in there, but it's better than locking him in our bathroom and it keeps Churro from bugging him or stealing his food), so things look better on that front.

Under the bridge, up the street, you can see this, perfectly framed by the bridge itself:


Less telephoto:


I neglected to mention that, while walking down 5th Avenue from the Met last Saturday, there was all this ruckus coming from one of the trees. I noticed several people had stopped to look up, so I did, too -- the nesting pair of Central Park hawks was in the trees above us, one sitting with its wings out, calling, to the other who swooped down and out of sight. It was amazing! I didn't get a picture (nor did I, apparently, snap a shot of the Plaza Hotel as we passed it.)

I did, however, always stop to take pictures of squirrels.

Few of them were willing to stop and pose for me.


Yesterday was finally cool enough that I wore my new Doc Martins all day to try and break them in. I need to stretch out the insteps a bit, they're still tight across the tops of my foot, but fit well otherwise! Once they're broken in they'll be nice. (Wishing I hadn't sold my old Docs back when I changed my style from "bull dyke" to "cowgirl." I should have known I'd sometimes want to change back...)

I can haz strawberry.

Very cool story.

I had also meant to show nutmeg3 my current desktop when we were in Rhode Island:

Because I've had that one up for a while and I was about to change it again (so very changeable!).
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