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Then Came Tuesday

Tuesday was Downtown. We took the train all the way to the end of the line, walked out and onto the Staten Island Ferry.

From the Staten Island Ferry:


We got off the ferry and turned around and came right back, then walked through Battery Park. I dithered about taking the Ellis Island/Liberty Island run, but decided against it; I wanted to see the WTC Memorial. UNFORTUNATELY, upon our arrival at the site, found out that despite the ceremonies two days previous, it's really not open to the public yet, and you have to reserve a spot and get a voucher in order to see it, and they were all out of the day's vouchers. They offered us vouchers for the next day, but alas, this was our last day in NYC, so I did not get to see it. I did see, of course, the Freedom Tower rising over the skyline.


You can see the Freedom Tower starting to rise up on the left side. It was quite a bit clearer coming back:


We dickered about what to do with the remaining afternoon. Lincoln Center/Columbus Circle? Back to Central Park? (I had realized I missed seeing Tavern on the Green when we were there on Saturday--after all, re-watching 10th Kingdom, and all; I had to look it up for my mom and yes, the restaurant is closed, but it's still there, a gift shop and visitor center!) ANYWAY, we finally chose:

We opted for dinosaurs.


And a Pacific blue whale.


Then we came home and had a nice dinner in with framefolly and green_maia, watched Once More, With Feeling, and discussed characters we identify with. I was rather surprised to find that I surprised people when I said my character was Angel. I thought that was obvious.


Then a mostly sleepless night and getting up at 2 am (Phoenix time, hence the last post) to catch the shuttle. Got to see Times Square from the shuttle with all the lights on, as we picked up other passengers (very cool, even if sunrise was starting to wash things out), and made good time to New Jersey (much faster than coming in), and even one last really good view of the Empire State Building.

Quick and uneventful through Newark Airport (like two seconds through security, even), good flight in to Phoenix, and home (construction routed us around so it cost about $10 more than it should have via taxi -- who knew you couldn't get off the 51 at Indian School?).

Animals all happy, Cairo took about an hour to forgive me completely but he finally gave in; the petsitter said Churro was quite the character (yes), and Silhouette is fine and taking his thyroid meds all right. The house is clean, we lost one (cheap from Ross) art glass vase but nothing worse, and now...

Soon to my own bed.

Final thoughts: I missed a lot of stuff I'd wanted to see--will obviously have to go back, and maybe this time take the bus tour Mom recommended. Missed Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, Greenwich Village, the Ellis Island tour, the entire rest of Central Park, the Upper East Side, the African Burial site, Green-Wood Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery; heck, even Bellmont Park (Secretariat!) out on Long Island! But I sure can't complain, I got a lot packed in, and the best part was the FRIENDS!

Must soon make one of these. If I can get carpenter-y again.
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