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Next Came Monday

Our first day on our own without a guide! We got going about mid-morning and toodled to MidTown, where we got off at Times Square and walked around, coming up behind Macy's and Herald Square. Had to stop and shop at Macy's, the World's Largest Store, and marvel at ALL NINE LEVELS, including the vintage (and very cool) wooden escalators from the second floor on up. Barb found a very nice t-shirt and I managed to avoid spending anything (although this year's sweaters are GORGEOUS and I was tempted many times).

Then we were down in Herald Square!


Of course much of the day I found myself humming Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to Herald Square; tell all the gang from 42nd Street that I will soon be there... Of course, that was only one of the NYC songs that wandered through my mind while walking those famous streets.

We lunched at a nice little corner pizza joint (OMG, yum!), then onwards! From Herald Square it was a hop and a skip to the Empire State Building, which was only $22 to the lower Observation Deck, so up we went!


Four shots from the top of the Empire State Building and my camera battery died!!! If it could have died just four shots earlier, down in the lobby or in the waiting area, I could have gotten new ones at the shop before coming up. GRRRR. Of course, had I spare batteries with me, I think I would have upgraded my ticket and gone up to the 102nd floor deck, because... well, WOW. Especially since I only got uptown/East River shots--the view of the Flat Iron looking downtown was AWESOME.

The Chrysler Building and East River:


After coming down (I could have stayed up there longer, camera notwithstanding), we shopped at the Empire Store and bought my first just "stuff," a few t-shirts and a key ring, nothing too silly, and then all the way down. Paused at a drugstore for batteries and then walked up the avenue -- 5th Avenue (another song) to the NY Public Library.

OMG, what an impressive building, inside and out! I don't think I actually saw any BOOKS (we didn't actually go into any of the reading rooms--it was a little crowded and there was fairly tight security) while we roamed around inside, but wow, how impressive!

Me with the Lions, my favorite thing:


They were being washed (having a bath!), so that's why the yellow tape, but still. LIONS.

Then back around the block, through Bryant Park, and down to the avenue I'm takin' you to, 42nd Street! We were back in Times Square! It would have been something to see it at night, but it wasn't unimpressive in the daytime.


(Trip aside: Is there any way to clean laptop keyboards? I notice as I'm typing more and more sticky keys...)


Then home for a little sit down, and we went to meet green_maia for Indian food. Since we were very near Absolute Bagels when we came out of the Indian Cafe, walked across the street to pick up breakfast for Tuesday, then headed back home.

All in all, a great day!

One more to go!
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