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And we continue...

I did mean to post yesterday, but somehow yesterday was a frantic pile of hurry which all worked out in the end -- a delightful day of walking, pleasantly overcast cool weather, eating yummy food, more walking, a lot more walking, long subway rides, drinks, Doctor Who, and some more walking.

We started out with a stop at the famous Katz's, a marvelous deli where the famous scene from "When Harry Met Sally" took place (and framefolly made sure we sat AT THAT TABLE>) -

Me & Barb at Katz's:


Then we walked across Soho, into Chinatown, and down to the Brooklyn Bridge, which we crossed on foot -

The NYC Skyline:


And then we walked across Brooklyn, finding the subway stop to get us closer to Prospect Park, where we found The Way Station...

Me at the TARDIS in the Way Station -- I should have turned on the flash for this, but I don't care, it's cool.


We had drinks, watched an episode of Doctor Who (did not stay, sadly, for The Girl Who Waited, so I'm still waiting), and headed back, finding a much closer train station that took us pretty much all the way home.

Today gets its own post, later. I am now exhausted, and I've left a lot of stuff out, I know. It's just the tired... it burns.

(I realized a few days ago that I must have screwed up my year's counting at some point, because I began on August 31, so I'm about a month or so behind. Once I run past 365, I'll just post vacation pictures. YAY.)
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