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New England! I'm in New England!

Beautiful houses, buildings, churches, and cemeteries, all viewed at top speed from the car as we raced along, driven by the indomitable nutmeg3! ZOOM! Found the ancestral home of rahirah, took some pictures (not transferred to computer yet - tomorrow, perhaps), and ate at some good places, including a great sushi place here in Rhode Island. NOM.

Also saw real, live, wild turkeys in the wild. A truly noble bird. (I cannot be in these states without having scenes from 1776 running through my head constantly.)

Taking off, leaving Phoenix behind:

We think this had to be the Mississippi, it was so large from 35,000 feet:

But we're not sure, because of the way it was looping around. Still, mighty huge river.

Spider Cat:

Another cute cat picture.

Am now relaxing in the Rodeway Inn in Middletown with free wi-fi. When we passed signs reading "Middlesex" we thought fondly of sillymagpie. She knows why. *grin*

Will tour the mansions of Newport tomorrow, have lobster (we're in New England!) and then head back to New York.

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