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All is prepared

Okay. Taxi is booked (although they have not sent the confirmation email, which is making me fret). Cash for taxi acquired.

All packed. I hope I remembered everything.

Cats all stocked up with food, water, and litter. Petsitter informed on Silly's situation (his doctor called to say he DOES have mild hyperthyroid, which means pills, if we can get them to stay down). Will drop off dog and get thyroid medication in the morning.

Back yard locked up.

Truck locked.

Most perishable food eaten. Sandwiches made to carry on so not at the mercy of airport food.

Light put on timer. Tivo mostly emptied out and programed.

iPod in backpack. Will pack up computer and cord in the morning. Other charging cords already packed in checked baggage. Plenty of books packed. Both cameras packed. Phone charged and packed.

Nervous? Check.

"Slice of Life" "story" almost finished. Means I have to make some changes to the beginning of Ring of Fire. That's okay, I needed to, anyway.

No, there isn't supposed to be a hole on the bottom, but he does move it around quite a bit when he gets involved...

Still no confirmation email. Will call in the morning.

Which means bed now.
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