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I'm Missing Something...

The Labor Day Twilight Zone Marathon. Okay, SyFy is showing a truly horrible movie about interstellar vampire hunters, so the day's not completely wasted, but how am I supposed to get through a Labor Day without some Rod Serling?

This is the one I really wanted -- it's not overly colorful, but I love the green-on-green pattern, and it's authentic (as in, "Made in Hawaii").

I have only one non-spoilery thing to say about this week's Doctor Who: Best Mark Gatiss episode since The Unquiet Dead. While I like him as an actor (he plays a great Mycroft), his writing is sometimes spotty. This one was great, some of the best lines for the Doctor in an age, and Matt Smith was on the top of his game. Am pleased. Will not be in town next Saturday... I hope framefolly has BBCA!

So yesterday I did something I never seem to have time to do much anymore, just read a book (a real papery book, even).

Since I missed Caturday yesterday:

I realize it may not sound so to most folks, but we're going to be leaving 100+ temperatures here (after weeks of 110+ temperatures) with overnight lows in the upper 80's to mid 90's and little to no precipitation and next week will apparently be in overnight lows of 61 with it looks like 20% chances of rain every day (at least through Sunday, which is as far as the website goes), so for us, it's gonna be a little chilly, if not outright cold. New Yorkers may laugh at us.

"Hey! Hey! Pay attention to me!" *poke poke*

And now the SyFy movie is about werewolves in what appears to be a girl's insane asylum. With who appears to be a low-pay Eliza Dushku. Priceless.

I laid out my yoga mat, went to get a drink of water, and came back to find this:

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