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Ponies, ponies it must be ponies

I had a long and fairly pointless rant about the state of America today in light of the book I'm reading (about WWI and WWII, and the causes/blunders made that led to both of them and all problems caused by them), but I haven't gathered my thoughts entirely (although it contained a lot about how the last couple of generations of Americans appear to have been largely raised with an overwhelming sense of entitlement we don't entirely deserve any longer)... I mean, there I am sitting in our lunchroom reading about how great minds of the mid-20th Century argued and fretted and pondered the wars they should or should not fight (and what the consequences might be), and there on the TV right above my head I hear CNN prattling away about Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann and my head very nearly exploded, right there.

Today I took Silhouette to the vet. Except for being old and persnickety, he's apparently in great shape, if thin. I still don't want to have to lock him in the bathroom for the entire week we're gone. But I'm worried about him -- we had to give him a bath (he hasn't been able to groom himself properly in ages, and he peed all over himself in the carrier, of course), and he's still quite damp because he can't groom himself anymore. Mostly he's just crouched here glaring at me, looking shrunken and wet (and since he was a huge cat in his prime, his tiny shrunken body makes his giant head look quite silly, indeed). But his blood pressure numbers are good, and we'll get the screens from his blood tests on Thursday.

There is a reason I call him "The Once and Future Cat."

Then I came home and instead of doing any actual work, I began a series of Doctor Ponies:


I need to finish 11, there -- I need to make his accessories in Photoshop (there's no bow tie in the Pony Generator).

Also did 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10, but they need their accessories, too. It was the fez that made me do it.

I also made Sean Patrick, Della, Matt, and Cody. It's a terribly addictive toy. (Link to Pony Generator at rahirah's journal.)

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