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Doctor Who Weekend

So, am very pleased with the beginning of Season/Series 6 part two. More information leaked about the enigmatic River Song, and yet, somehow, has only raised more questions. God, I love this show.

The gang took me out to dinner for my birthday (yes, it was last week, but the dinner got postponed) at the somewhat upscale and very historical Stockyards Restaurant, a place decidedly unsafe for vegans. Meat, meat, and more meat, in a beautifully Western style, with not only every cut of cow (done any way you want it) but also elk and pork and buffalo, and even fish! I had the New York Strip, steak soup (I had ordered the Soup of the Day, cream of broccoli, but they accidentally served the house special instead, and we didn't care because of the serious awesomeness of this soup), and potatoes; they serve a basket full of baking soda biscuits & cornmeal-jalapeno muffins along with a little veggie relish tray, and we had the venison and wild boar sausages for an appetizer. Everything was marvelous. NOM.

My gifties included Simon Pegg's book "Nerd Do Well" and a set of Yellow Submarine pint glasses (squee!), and all in all, a great birthday.

Only a week left until New York! I went back to Half-Price Books today (it's the only bookstore we have left in the center of town since both Borders and Bookstar are closed, except for two "first-run specialty" book stores); I found a copy of a 2009 Frommer's, so it's a little out of date, but the maps should be okay for use, since most of what I want to see pretty much doesn't move around (I had to be reminded not to say "the Empire State Building isn't going anywhere"). ANYWAY, using this in conjunction with my "walking around" on Google Maps, I pretty much know where all I want to go and how to get there, although we'll need to get a subway schedule once we get there. The only thing that's a bit out of the way is the Way Station (the Doctor Who bar in Brooklyn), but I noticed on the map that it IS close to what appears to be a MASSIVE cemetery, and I do love walking in cemeteries! So we shall see.

Today we talked to the pet sitter, since it's sillymagpie might or might not get sent on a business trip, and we didn't want to be caught short. Unfortunately Bo is already scheduled to be boarded, since he seemed to get on with her like gangbusters.

This is actually Hole in the Rock, I believe -- if you look close, you can see people (it's a very popular hiking destination).

We also rearranged the furniture in the living room. So far, no pee behind the two chairs we put in front of the window where the couch had been (moved the sofa to the side). Perhaps the whole incident was just Silhouette making a comment on our interior design, since it actually looks a WHOLE lot better this way, it's opened up the room and apparently given us more space to work with. Go figure.

Of course, now we need a new armchair. Maybe it will be cool enough to go shopping when we get back from New York.
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