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At Last, The Weekend

Although it was a very fast week, there seemed to be a lot of it, with a lot of work! About Tuesday or early Wednesday they came to the realization that while I'm happy and doing well in the new position, I'm also needed (apparently desperately) in the old, so I'm working my regular work and overtime trying to get Research caught up. At least next week we can start listening to iPods again (long story). While I'm very proud of being terrific at my job, it can be a little wearing. The overtime will be nice next paycheck, which will hit the bank while I'm in New York (direct deposit is a grand thing).

Last night I made corn on the cob for dinner and discovered that some of our corn skewers have vanished -- we bought two sets of interlocking plastic ones in four colors: red, green, yellow, and blue, giving us two sets of each color (for eight total pair). Both pairs of blue holders have simply vanished. They aren't in the dish rack or in the dishwasher, they aren't in any of the drawers. *is confused*

But if anyone collects antique railroad lanterns, I'll let you have it cheap:

It's marked the Adams-Westlake Company and dated 1923. My Dad always told me it was a real railroad lantern. I've never had it appraised.

We were used to giving Sam cans to lick out and never thought anything of it. But apparently Bo has Jaws of Steel:

That is a real tin can, mind you, it's not aluminum.

Forgot to mention I updated my writing blog. More "slice of life" story.

Forgot to post this before we went out for dinner. Nom, Smashburger.
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