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OMG Irene

In the midst of worrying about friends and relations in the path of the hurricane, I am also fretting about our rapidly approaching trip to New York. YIKES. But selfishness aside, I am hoping that framefolly, green_maia, and nutmeg3 are all okay, both during and in the aftermath (as well as all beloved critters, including all nutmeg3's critters that live in her zoo rather than in her house!).

I have family in Pennsylvania; they'll probably not get too much of it. I ought to check with Mom and see where Uncle Dave is living now -- Uncle Bob and Aunt Carole live in central Penns., closer to Harrisburg.

Usually when I worry about hurricanes, it's mom and her pals I worry about.

Yesterday I wanted to stop and get bagels. I am craving a toasted bagel with creamy creamy cheese. So I left the gym and talked myself into going to Half Price Books, instead. Spent more money than I would have getting bagels, but books have way fewer calories.

I was standing in the hardcover SF/F series section, looking to see if there were any Doctor Who books I didn't have (the answer was no, but I picked up a couple of the Torchwood books I haven't been willing to buy new), when one of the clerks guided a pair of youngsters to the same section. They were carrying copies of The Doctor Who Official 2011 Guidebook and a Doctor Who poster book and a few others I didn't see the titles of. The clerk handed them down the three Doctor books they DID have (Doctor & Martha), and I commented, "They're good ones," and the boys noticed that I just happened to be wearing my Doctor 10 t-shirt. The reaction amused me:

"Oh, that's SO COOL!"
"Who is that?"
"Is that Rory?"

Ah, how quickly they forget. *giggle*

But I still want a bagel.

The secret potty behind the couch is getting more use. I think Silly's becoming a bit incontinent as he gets older, and Churro picking on him is no help at all. He tends to pee when he's stressed or scared, and Churro will leap on him at odd times.
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