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Sometimes Being Indispensible Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

How in ghod's name has it been five days since I last posted? Okay, let me sum up.

On Friday afternoon, just as I was shutting down and getting ready to leave, my supervisor came to me and asked to talk, privately. I was dreading something horrible as I was taken into an empty conference room, but it came down to "we trust you, you're one of our best, we need you in this area," so I moved Monday morning from the Research team to the Total Loss/Worker's Comp team -- with the added "we're sure you'll be able to help out with Research and keep an eye on everything over there, too."

Eep. So far I have been able to spare a moment or two for Research, but it ain't been much. The last two days shot past in the blink of an eye. Worker's Comp from California alone is a full-time job. (There's a doughnut shop in the Los Angeles area that has an alarming number of worker's comp claims open...)

I just haven't been taking very many lately. So, here's a cat making use of an open suitcase as a sturdy fort:

A carpet makes a good fort, too:

Sunday was my birthday, which was a good one; Mom sent some money (most of which will go to New York with me), my wife gave me two nifty Hawaiian shirts, and I have a birthday dinner coming to me next weekend with the gang.

I struggle, fight, count calories, exercise, and manage to shave off a few pounds -- I indulge a little ONE DAY and it all comes back. Woe!
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