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I wish I knew these folks. Scroll through all the pics. Totally worth it.

Contemplative: August 16 was the 34th anniversary of Elvis's death. (Not, as reported by dingbat Michele Bachmann, Elvis's birthday.)

Today is 25th anniversary of my father's death. In many ways I never really got over either, although I couldn't tell you exactly how or why.

Just off the lobby of the MGM Grand:

I have got to stop reading articles about Bachmann and the rest of them, because it just makes me literally furious with rage. How is it they cannot see their own hypocrisy? Don't they see that by wanting a "Christian nation" (the way they see it), we become exactly like the Muslim nations they claim to revile? And that they are blindly following the Old Testament and adopting nothing of what Jesus (that Christ guy) actually told them to do? And...? AND...? AND!!!! (This country is becoming a third-world nation so fast it's making my head spin. One generation away from the Greatest Generation and we've thrown everything they did into the toilet.)

*grr snort* Need to stop reading articles. Should stop following Slate on Twitter.

Dear LJ: I can read. I don't need a tiny little icon to insert images, I preferred the words, "Insert Image."

The sea-salt almond dark chocolate bar was delicious, but my stomach tells me it was a mistake. *sigh*

He's cute. He used to sit on my desk at work (as did many of the other things in the picture, including Stitch, the Doctor, and the clock):

I need to take some new pictures.
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