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I Shall Play Catchup

In the parking lot of the Town & Country Mall:

There's no news about the identity of the skeleton; unlike Bones, these things take time and don't usually make news once the discovery is cleared away...

I don't like this church largely because it goes WAY too far (I think) in blurring the lines between church and state (it campaigned for Prop 102, the no-gay-marriage amendment, and has a big "Pro-Life and Pro-Family" thing on its marquee going all time), but it does have a pretty fountain. I did attend mass there once, before everyone in America moved forty steps to the right:

I enjoyed taking pics of the ravens (they may have been blackbirds or crows of some kind - I note as I digitize the photos there's a spot of red on their cheeks, but there aren't any crows native to this area, and the common raven is, well, common...):

I framed this one:

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