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Okay, I didn't mean to not post all week. Somehow the days have shot past without my noticing.

So. Quick weekly wrapup: I know Monday I did a workout, did something useful (I hope) at home, I think we cleaned "the secret potty behind the sofa" again, and otherwise... blur. Tuesday there was overtime, so I stayed late at work and did not go to the gym after all, and then... something. I'm pretty sure I made chicken and rice. I AM sure it was hot.

And then my computer was attacked by Malware and I was unable to do anything -- I shut down to install some Microsoft updates, and when I came back up, Firefox would not open. My lovely and indispensable wife fixed the problem, but then it was time for bed. She advises I switch from Norton. I hate change. *grumble*

This is my maternal grandparents, mom, me, and my little brother Tim. Probably 1969 (Tim was born in 1968, so I'm guessing at his age here). Dig Mom's glasses.

Wednesday. I came home after some overtime AND a nice workout at the gym, hoping to get some of the stuff I'd fallen behind on done, but found that said lovely wife had found a replacement shed, which we've been seeking, and I had to take me and the truck out to the vast wilderness, er, I mean, east Chandler to pick it up and bring it home. It was a squigilion degrees outside and about 35% humidity (no rain) and so it was an hour or so in the sauna (truck) before getting there (most of that crawling through rush hour traffic in Tempe), loading the pieces of the shed, and then bringing it home (which took a lot less time, since traffic had cleared up). Then some soup, collapse on the sofa, and finally bed.

For some reason I woke up a lot. I was having weird dreams, none of which I remember.

Today I did this: Writer's Blog Updated.

I realize no one's reading it (TypePad tracks hits), but I'll keep trying!

Me and Dad. Maybe 1968.

News of the World: I'm getting all my news from the Colbert Report and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (speaking of which, I'm not sure how I totally missed the episode when Simon Pegg was on, thank goodness for my podcasts). There is so much crazy in Michelle Bachman there's no room for anything else. I fear her and her followers (having learned the hard way with Bush that, indeed, "it can happen here") -- it's going to be Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" in America, with women of her ilk throwing away women's rights with both hands to embrace their skewed vision of religious piety. *shiver*

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