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Shut Up, Stupid Cat!

He scorned his breakfast, ate at least two and a half cans today, made me spill my ice cream so he could lick it off my lap, and now he's begging me for more.

Today I watched Doctor One in The Time Meddler (which rocked), finally watched Catch 22 (extremely weird but an awesome film, with a lot of great actors in it -- and wow, did Martin Sheen look like Charlie when he was young -- ditto Alan Arkin like his son Adam--I kept thinking one was the other in the beginning; of course, it was almost ten years pre-The In-Laws), and the new version of True Grit.

True Grit. Hmmm. I can't say I didn't like it, because I did. I thought it was an excellent film, extremely well made, gritty where it needed to be and a good adaptation of the source material. BUT... (there had to be a but there).......

I like the original movie better. I think John Wayne is a better Rooster (no offense to Bridges, he was brilliant), I liked the script better, I missed lines like "This is a writ writ for a Rat" and "that bed needs more slats," and, well, while I know the story wasn't set in Colorado, I liked the scenery better. That said, the girl who played Mattie in this one was amazing, and if I could combine the two movies, I think I'd put John Wayne, Robert Duvall, and most of the rest of the original cast with Hailee Steinfeld (I'm torn between Glen Campbell and Matt Damon), set it in the Silverton/Durango area, and I'd have the perfect version.

The old version stuck closer to the book in a lot of areas, too; not sure where the big rift between Rooster and LaBouef came from. And while I have a sentimental fondness for the John Wayne ending, I do like what was done for the new version; although in the book it wasn't Rooster who contacted Mattie about the Wild West Show.

This was after I dropped the FIRST 30 pounds, when I could walk a bit (a few years after we went to Yosemite, some more pics I need to scan!):

I have no clue how many days behind I actually am.

Sadly, it's back to work tomorrow. I want it to cool down enough so we can actually DO things in the backyard. We have all these things and all these ideas, but it's TOO HOT to do them!

I ate too much today. Was feeling snacky. (OMG, the best ice cream EVER tasted -- it's "Graeter's" coconut chocolate chip... NOM is not a great enough word for the awesomeness of this ice cream.) I hope it doesn't too adversely affect the scale tomorrow.
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